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Frequently Asked Questions

What is DanfeBooks?

DanfeBooks is an online Hybrid HRM software combined with payroll with a premium service catering to Nepali businesses.

A reliable and simplified service which imports employees as soon as you’ve created your account. Saving you from going to google translate or having to download plugins. DanfeBooks unique payroll system follows the Bikram Sambat (बिक्रम संवत) and Gregorian Calendar.

Allowing you to easily auto-generate payslips each Nepali month or Gregorian month on your day of choice. Thereby ensuring accurate tax and holiday calculations.

How does DanfeBooks protect my data?

None of the DanfeBooks team can see your company’s data, which include any financial figures or employee names. All of it is stored on Cloud servers and databases are encrypted.

Similarly, to help further protection we use a periodic backup which at the worst looses 1 weeks worth of data, if not that, then nothing. We regularly and effectively carry out a software data audit each month a small operation which you won’t notice.

What Customer Support Do DanfeBooks provide?

If you need any help regarding using DanfeBooks, we are available from 9:00 am - 5:00 pm Nepal time. You can do this by requesting a ticket here, where we have a response time of 2 minutes. Likewise, you can chat with us or call us on +977-01-5245075.

At your request, we offer software training and assist with your problems through a simple screen share. We are there to help.