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Adding employees

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When you set up your account, you will have to import or add all of your employee data.


Integrate attendance

Your existing e-attendance system or our in-built feature can be enabled.

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Auto generate payslips

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Every month, on the day you choose - this app will generate all of your employees' payslip with accurate payroll and tax calculation as per Nepal's standards.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is DanfeBooks?

DanfeBooks is an online Hybrid HRM software combined with payroll with a premium service catering to Nepali businesses.

DanfeBooks unique payroll system follows the Bikram Sambat (बिक्रम संवत) calendar first. Allowing you to easily auto-generate payslips each Nepali month or Gregorian month on your day of choice.

This is the only software that provides integration of Nepali holiday automatically each year as they become available by the government.

What is hybrid HRM + payroll software?

Hybrid HRM is otherwise known as Human resource management is is a model consisting of multi-features. The reason behind the hybrid is that instead of a single feature, it pools together multiple roles in one place within an organisation. This is especially effective for employees who perform more than one role.

Moreover, payroll software allows you to efficiently manage your employees. Within a payroll software, you can calculate payments, taxes, holiday entitlements, access payslips and many others through easy automation. Payroll software saves time on HR errands allowing your focus to shift elsewhere in the business.

How does DanfeBooks automate payroll for Nepalese Businesses?

While most Payroll Software operates off the Gregorian Calendar, Danfe Books uses the Bikram Sambat. The reason behind this is accounting in Nepal follows the Bikram Sambat calendar. As the days in each month, is not always the same as previous, this allows to payroll to be automated easily. Similarly, as the proposed holidays change each year by the government, DanfeBooks makes it easier to follow by integrating payroll calculation.

Likewise, integration of holidays suggested by the government is updated into the Danfebooks calendar and reviewed every new year.

Why DanfeBooks offers free HRM and Payroll software?

Here at DanfeBooks, we care about startups and know that resources and funding are limited in the early days. Therefore, to help promote and support start-ups in Nepal, we offer a basic free HRM version for employees less than 10.

However, if you want to have access to further features and have more employees, then we also offer a premium service.