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Sectors in Nepal which would benefit from HRIS/HRM Software

Sectors in Nepal which would benefit from HRIS/HRM Software

We are sure you can all agree:

Nepal is a unique country and a great one at that.

Don’t believe us?

We have Mount Everest, adventure tourism, momos, a non-rectangular flag, and our calendar system! Yes, we are lucky to adopt our own calendar system, the Bikram Sambat (बिक्रम संवत).

If you’re Nepalese and you’re reading this, you’ll know that everything operates off this system. The government announces our holidays each year according to this system; no national holiday is the same date as the one previous. Therefore it can be a blessing but also a burden for us in the workplace.

This is especially tedious as our computers may follow the gregorian system. However, we have to manage pay and holidays off the Bikram Sambat. Then you have to consider the paper trails or using different apps to perform HR duties.

However, ladies and gentlemen, times are changing. Nowadays, we have software that tackles this problem known as an HRIS/HRM Software. HRIS stands for Human Resources Management System. The purpose of this is that it pools all of the features of HR together and places it in one place. It also makes the employee’s life way simpler as it’s easy to use for them and can access details about their pay at any given time.

While some companies already in Nepal implement this software, there are some companies or sectors in which this software would help efficiency and productivity.

Sectors in Nepal which would benefit from HRIS/HRM Software


Banks have many hierarchies and sections where employees to climb the ladder. Sometimes it’s hard to manage employee data, especially if a bank has multiple branches. Similarly, if employees want to communicate with you, it’s easier to do from an HRIS/HRM software.


A lot of construction workers are on-site and away from the head office. If your employees want to access their details or request leave, they can do it anytime and anywhere. It saves you time from calling and hunting them down.


Just like the construction sector, workers are scattered all over the place. If they can use an app to track and monitor their attendance, they can do it from anywhere. Education

Schools have many sites nowadays, HRIS is a great way to figure out which teacher needs time off and which others need to be there to teach children. Likewise, integrating data from lots of teachers is done easier with an HRIS system.


Doctors and nurses have a busy and stressful job to lead. Having an HRIS software in your organization allows them to input details on the go quickly.

No matter what sector you work in for both your company or if you’re an employee, this software betters your workspace. Our HRIS software can help you with this, and in comparison to others, we use the Bikram Sambat and Gregorian calendar. Try a demo today.