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Why You Need HR System Software in Nepal

Why You Need HR System Software in Nepal

When it comes to accounting and payroll, can you guess what one unique system is specific to Nepal?

It’s the Bikram Sambat (बिक्रम संवत) calendar system. Other than the commonly used Gregorian calendar, we are one of four countries that a unique calendar system. While we have many companies that follow the Gregorian calendar, daily operations are mainly run here in Nepal off the Bikram Sambat.

This includes the government announcing every year different dates for public holidays, festivals, and the budget. Generally causing all of us in Nepal to use various applications on our smartphones to figure out what date we are currently on in the Bikram Sambat System.

Bikram Sambat in Business

In today’s world, using the Bikram Sambat system can be tedious for companies within Nepal. Especially tech type start-ups who are often switching between the two. Each year, when it comes to calculating taxes to be submitted to the government, it becomes even more stressful.

Today’s HR Frustrations in Nepal

Moreover, when it comes to performing HR duties for a company, many frustrations arrive, trying to figure out employee entitlements such as pay, insurance, taxes, and holidays. Combine flicking between an external calendar and a paper trail; it can take a good week to 10 days to provide a correct calculation.

Time Consuming

This system becomes more tedious, as in today’s times, a lot of HR duties are carried out in writing and, if not in writing, on a computer without an efficient filing system. Therefore this makes previous records harder to retrieve and compare against one another. This adds up to a lot of time performing HR roles, which could effectively be spent on another area.

Burden for Employees

We know the frustration simmers down to the employees also. As when they require any proof of earning such as their salary sheet when applying for a loan or credit, it can take time. Once that request is submitted, managers may become hesitant at doing so as they know its a boring and time-consuming task to do. Due to the inefficient method of storing HR records!

More to the point, this is often the case in Nepal for most employees, taking time to gain that approval and copy of their salary sheet. The truth is, the longer they wait, the more likely their morale will begin to decrease…

Lack of Security

Not only does it take time to retrieve information for this accounting and payroll purposes. However, if it’s stored on a paper trail or simply on a computer desktop, your business’s data is easy to obtain. All it takes is someone to break into your office or hack your system, and the confidential data is out into the world!

Given these strains, how do we solve them, so business owners and employees gain 100% satisfaction?

Well, the leading solution to your problems is an HRIS (Human Resources Information System). This is online software, with your data securely stored on the cloud undergoing your business’s essential HR duties.

Times are changing, and soon enough, if not already, many businesses are using software to ease their workload.

DanfeBooks is the best payroll and HR software in Nepal to meet these needs.

We serve as a multifunction hybrid software that pools all of your essential HR duties into one interface. Instead of tackling your problems, one step, and app at a time, you can handle all of yours in one place on this software!

We call it a hybrid because DanfeBooks allows you to calculate payments, filter through different tax brackets, holiday entitlements, payslips, attendance, and much more.

It gets better…

We are one of the few softwares which incorporates the Bikram Sambat system and the Gregorian System. Every New Year, when the government announces the new holidays, we change our calendar accordingly. This way, you don’t have to go to external applications to calculate or guess your holidays.

It also makes it easier for payroll to be generated, as the calculation is integrated into the system.

You Can Access it at Anytime

As long as you have a sufficient internet connection, you can access it from anywhere. This goes for employees, too, meaning they can print off their salary sheet, which prevents the risk of their morale decreasing.

It saves you time and errors

You can import employees’ data into the software and add as you go along. If you need to review anything, its there on the system, and all it takes is a few clicks to access it. No need to spend hours looking through disorganized filing systems.

As you are inputting data as you go along, its less likely you will make risks. DanfeBooks helps you filter through tax brackets when generating salary sheets — therefore reducing the risk of being audited by the taxman or the inland revenue department.

Your security is protected

Data on DanfeBooks is stored onto the Google cloud, which is encrypted and incredibly hard to hack. Even the DanfeBooks team can’t access your data unless you share your log in details with them.

DanfeBooks is free for companies with up to 10 employees; however, if you have more, we charge an affordable rate with premium features. To see what we mean by this, come and try a demo today. After all, we reckon you must want your companies HR productivity to increase, right?