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HRIS/HRM Software for Nepalese Law Firms

HRIS/HRM Software for Nepalese Law Firms

Running a law firm can sometimes be a monotonous, stressful, and hard role to do at times. Especially as laws and technology are changing all of the time, making you review and abide by different regulations. Likewise, you want to be at the top of your game to stand out and compete against other law firms. This means keeping up to date and adopting the latest technology, to save time and increase your firm’s efficiency.

Another critical aspect is maintaining the confidentiality of clients’ accounts and cases. As well as securing the best most protection of legal staffs pay, medical issues, healthcare, holidays, contracts, and many more are highly sensitive to each individual. Therefore it can add to the stress.

Time is vital in any law firm; that’s why law firms want to utilize each hour of their working day to their fullest. Many of the time, many staff stay late and undergo their jobs. It’s critical in law firms, errors are kept to a minimum, and tasks are run to the highest standard.

One of which is HR duties, which require great attention to detail and time spent performing it accurately. Human resources management is a skilled job, and even more, skills are needed to do well in a law firm. One efficient way for global law firms to do this is by incorporating an HRIS Software or HRM Software within their firms.

Why use a HRIS/HRM Software for Law Firms?

In a typical law firm, there are many different positions, such as being a paralegal, lawyer, legal secretaries, bookkeepers, general, operations managers, and many others. Arguably, this is a lot of staff to attend to and can take time to update records. A Human Resources Information System HRIS Software can aid a law firm in many ways.

1. Time

Depending on the type of HRM Software, a lot of your day to day HR duties can occur in one place. This means you can access payslips, holiday entitlements, taxes, and manage attendance in one place, which saves time from singlehandedly using other apps to fulfill HR duties. Likewise, when reviewing your firm’s accounts, it can save time as the information is already there, which allows attention to be focused or productivity to increase in other areas within the law firm.

2. Easy Tax Breakdown

Different employees from different backgrounds may have various tax regulations that apply to them whether it’s their age, nationality, dependents, or education there’s a lot of different tax codes that apply to each employee's profile. A HRIS Software for law firms makes it easier to calculate when creating a payslip. Similarly, it’s easy for employees to view their tack break down at the end of the month.

As a law firm, you want to be on top of all of the time. Not only do you have a reputation for upkeep, but you also have a lot of pressure to focus on other areas of work. You cannot afford to make costly legal errors. This can be done quickly with payroll in the form of a paper trail.

Because you are inputting data as you go along, it’s easy to maintain and keep track. Similarly, we help filter different tax brackets of employees for their payslips. In comparison to a paper trail, this allows for fewer mistakes to be made. Likewise reduces the risk of being audited by the Inland Revenue Department or the taxman.

4. It’s Secure!

Because often HRIS Software is cloud-based, it means that it’s stored to secure an online cloud. This could be anything from Google to Amazon or Microsoft Azure. When its kept as a backup on a cloud, it’s hard to hack into or steal as the cloud is encrypted by highly skilled people. Unless you have the right login credentials, even the software company you use would find it hard to access.

Now, you may be wondering:

What are the top 5 HRIS/HRM Softwares in the world for law firms?

They are:


A global software that tries to embody all of the necessary HR duties in one place. Open HRMS is an open-sourced software that covers attendance management, time tracking, appraisals, employee directories, and many more. It works for small-large firms. What’s unique about this software is that it has multiple languages which operate in, you can choose the type of alphabet you want when using it.


Founded in 2008, BambooHR is an American technology company that serves as a Software as a Service. It has a prime focus on hiring, onboarding, compensation, and office culture. They have over 17,000 organizations around the world using this software. A lot of their clients claim it frees up their time to perform other HR duties. They focus on small-medium sized businesses and have won many awards doing so.


Zenefits is a company originating in San Fransico in the United States. They focus on payroll, benefits, scheduling, timing, and general HR duties. Zenefits makes the process simple to use in one place and its attractive interface. Similarly, as the company grows they have advanced features built in to deal with the larger requests. They also give a 2-week free trial as a demo.


This company has over 700,000 clients across the globe and is arguably one of the most popular ones. ADP caters to businesses with many employees from anything of 1–1000. They focus on payroll, time & attendance, talent, benefits, hr services, and outsourcing options. Similarly, they don’t focus on one audience, they claim their software can be used in a range of industries including legal firms.


Paychex serves more than 600,000 clients around the world within America and Europe. Just like the others, their HR duties are combined all in one go. They have different solution packages depending on the size of the business. They have won many awards, one being a fortune 500 company. Similarly, provide general HR advice to companies.

There you have it, it’s important there is an HRIS Software for law firms as they are one of the most stressful places to work. Law firms need to be ahead of the game with the most efficient HRM software. Likewise, this type of software is essential for legal mistakes to be avoided.