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Benefits of using Nepal made HRM and Payroll Software

Benefits of using Nepal made HRM and Payroll Software

We get asked a lot about the benefits of using Nepal made HRM and Payroll Software. The truth be told, there are many benefits to using software made and developed in Nepal rather than overseas.

Let us highlight a few:

  • Nepal made software integrates easily with your existing business process and workflow
  • DanfeBooks, especially, helps you stay in compliance with laws and government policies
  • Easy management using Nepali calendar and Nepali holiday system
  • Ease of doing business locally, no need to send international wire payment

What are the benefits to businesses?

Local businesses adopting local services and products help the ecosystem maintain a good balance. As a local business, you also gain a lot in terms of hassle-free service.

If you purchase software from an international vendor, you won't get a VAT invoice and that makes you pay a VAT extra on top of the fee. You buy local - you get rid of this double tax and avoid queuing in the banks to wire the payments.

No other software in the market supports the Nepali holiday calendar and automatic updates.

DanfeBoosk to the rescue

Our sales representative will ensure you have a smooth and easy experience when purchasing from us. VAT invoices, timely submission and you can pay us using offline and online both methods. As soon as the Nepal government publishes new calendar details, your account is automatically updated from our server to get accurate new calendar data.

Other benefits of using DanfeBooks for businesses

As a business owner, you will have access to administration rights allowing you to grant paid leave, review leave of absences, and endorse company policies. You can access this software from any device you like 24 hours a day. Not only do we offer round the clock access, but we regularly review Nepali laws, and we facilitate the appropriate tax bracket changes when required.

We are moving with the times, allowing easy data importation of infinite numbers of employees from a CSV file to your account.

After all, who needs the burden of tedious manual calculations? Once you add in your data, you never have to look back again.

Why your employees will love using DanfeBooks?

We live in the day and age, where payslips in Nepal (unless requested) are pretty much only available on demand. Using DanfeBooks employees can gain instant access to their payslips at any time they like and print off from the software for proof.

They can also view their tax break-down and look at salary history.

Employees can also view unapproved absences, deductions from salary and request paid holidays using DanfeBooks. Likewise, as soon as the government announces public holiday entitlements, they can view national holidays on the DanfeBooks Calendar.